It was about 8 am on January16, 2015, a weekday morning, and I was on my way to keep a doctor appointment;

By chance

I took a right instead of going straight;

I didn’t even make it to the light at the intersection;

a truck slammed into the front of my car.

by chance

I had my tote bag and purse on the front passenger seat,

Everything was at my fingertips when the highway patrol asked

for my Driver’s license and proof of auto insurance; I handed

them to him.

By chance –

a young woman had witnessed the accident and provided eyewitness account;

By chance – I had my cell phone within reach inside my handbag, and was able

to text both my son and daughter in law;

By chance they both received my messages immediately and headed for home;

when they found out I was on my way to the hospital in an ambulance, they

followed me there.

By chance? I said to my daughter in law “that man was on a path of destruction; I heard one of the policemen say it was his second DUI in weeks”  A lot of children walk to and from the nearby middle school on weekday mornings, a lot of them from Joe Walker school go up and down Ave L8; a lot of mothers drive their children to and from school — to the middle school on L8 or to the Grammar school on 50th, the street I was on L8 preparing to stop at the light.

Better me than someone’s wife or children and their mother on a busy street on a Thursday morning;

By chance–a highway patrol officer was about 3 blocks away checking on someone or something and the local sheriff’s office was just up the street on 50th.

My guardian angel was working overtime that morning –

Maybe someone else’s guardian angels were working overtime too.

My car was totaled  by a drunk driver at 8 am in the morning.  I was uninjured. My only regret is losing the Chevie I had purchased in 2001, the first new car I had ever owned. (sigh).

Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted January 9, 2015

updated July 14, 2018

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