My brother, Bill, had a black horse

that he loved  more than anything, I guess,

He named that horse, Charley, and every day

brought Charley out to polish his black coat

and talk to him like Charley was people

and could understand.

One day, Charley went missing

and my brother went crazy

looking everywhere for Charley.

“You won’t find it” our brother Walter said,

“I threw it in the lake. Besides, it was just a toy”

And we knew it had to be true;

Walter was jealous of everything any of us had

and loved.

“Maybe we can find another black horse” I said

to my brother, Bill;

“It won’t be the same thing” my brother said tearfully.

“There can’t be another Charley”

Sandra Lee Smith

January, 2015

For Bill and his Charley

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