If I should die tomorrow,

I would die knowing I have lived today,

and that some part of me remains

in what I have said or done and what

I have written.

I would know that I was loved

and would be missed,

and that some trace of me

still lives,

in my sons and grandchildren

and those whose lives I have touched.

I would die knowing

that my life has been full

and that I have few regrets

and if I had my  life to do again,

I would do it all gladly ,

the same way .

There are those who live
a hundred years
and never really
know what life is
and there are those
who touch earth
but live a life time
in a very short span.
It isn’t how long you live

your life but how you live it.

Sandra Lee Smith

originally composed July 17 , 2012

Updated July 12, 2018

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