He seemed like such a nice young man;

she was enchanted withs charming smile

and beguiling words of flattery;

He dressed neatly, kept his hair trimmed,

Had neatly cut fingernails and seldom

seemed to raise his voice.

He called her every day, just to see how she was doing,

sometimes had flowers sent to her at work,

and offered to accompany her  to church on Sundays.

“That one is a keeper” her mother said

and all of her girlfriends were wild with envy.

He took her on dates, to the nicest restaurants,

to the theatre, where ever she wanted to go;

she asked him about his family and he said

he had no one, no one at all.

How sad, she thought; she would make it up to him

and share her family…

but he gently turned down invitations to spend

weekends or evenings with her family.

“I just want to be with you” he said with that

enticing smile. And she agreed.  How

wonderful it was that he only had eyes for her!

Before long, she spent less and less time with

her family and friends; all of her spare time was

spent with him.

She began to think he would propose and she would

have a dream wedding. And he did propose, but

gently – oh so gently, steered her away from her

dream of a big wedding. “Let’s just run away and

elope” he said one evening.

“Think how romantic it will be! just you and me!

We can go to Las Vegas and get married there!”

And, he pointed out, think of the money they would

save–all that money could be spent on furnishing an

apartment. And so they took off one weekend for Nevada

where they were married in one of those little white chapels

that are all over the city of Las Vegas.

And she couldn’t say  exactly when everything changed

. Perhaps the day they got married.

He began to raise his voice, challenge any of her opinions,

call her names.

she tried desperately to keep him placated but a temper

she had never witnessed before rose to the surface

and she began to fear him–

and finally the day came when his rage  knew no bounds,

and he began to slap and punch her, all over her body

, kicking her, telling her how worthless and was.

It was her first encounter with evil.

She didn’t recognize what it was until it was too late.

When he came at her with a long sharp knife, her eyes were

opened as she stared into his sadistic dark face.

So, she thought, as she lay dying.

This is what evil looks like.


Sandra Lee Smith

first composed October, 18, 2009

Sandy’s note: try as I might I can’t recall an incident where I really had an

encounter with evil…in the last days of my marriage of 26 years, I had some

encounters with anger but he never laid a hand on me–he trashed my

belongings instead.  For this blog post (something required in the poetry

club I belonged to at the time)  I drew on some of the books and TV shows

I have seen over the years–kind of like a Ted Bundy sort of thing.  I have

had encounters with badness but not what I would call evil.  So, this is what

I came up with. -sls


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