it”s hard to say

Which one was best

“little Women” stood

the test of time,

but many novels have come

and gone since then

and each one has been

a love of mine.

I loved “Gap Creek”

and “Hinterlands”

and “Sarah’s Quilt”

as well;

I loved “Tom Sawyer”

and “Huck Finn”

“These Is my words”

had a tale to tell,

“Cherry Holler” did too.

“Oral History” kept me spellbound,

Every one of them

is my favorite

while I’m reading it.


Sandra Lee Smith

originally posted August 22,  209/ updated 7/11/18 .

Sandy ‘s booknote: it  occurs to me while typing the above, that “every book I love most” are fictionalized accounts, with a thread of personal experiences, that trace experiences in the USA over many years–going back with Little Women, which I first read when I was  8 or 9 years old. My mother gave me that book one Christmas and it was the first one I owned.  Over the years, if I love a  novel, I immediately go to find out what else that author has written ( which led me to Little Men, Jo’s Boys and many others of Louisa May Alcott) . It’s how I have discovered authors in the past couple decades, starting with “Sarah’s Quilt” discovered at a quilt show I attended with a girlfriend ( I don’t sew! but I loved this book and then read everything else written by Nancy E. Turner). Ditto everything by Adriana Trigiani. If you really want to understand the history of the USA from the perspective of the people in the land–and be thrilled with the discovery, read these authors and others like them).

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