It’s a fact  the old man said,

“That worms don’t have a brain!”

“What’s more” he said,

“If you eat worms,

You’re sure to go insane!”

“It’s a fact” the old man said,

“That all frogs have two hearts!”

And he added, with a grin

“When they croak, they  fart!”

“It’s a fact!” the old man said,

“That Martians live in rabbits!”

“AND,” he added with a snort,

“they won’t give up the habit!”

“It’s a FACT” the old man cried,

Until a nurse came dashing

with a shot to knock him out,

that sent the old man crashing.

“Is that a fact?” the ward nurse asked,

As we all stared in wonder;

The old guy was better than teevee,

Until she put him under.


Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted September 13, 2009

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