The buzz was

all over town,

the old gal

was a witch,

that she cast spells

with one eye and a twitch;

She had a hooked and crooked nose

with a big bump upon it–

buzz was when she disliked

a thing

she would spit right on it;

I heard the buzz

all over town

but never thought much of it

for the woman they all despised

was my Grandma Lovette;

She was my mama’s mama

and had not a bad bone in her;

if they knew her like I did,

they’d know she was no sinner.

but she rescued cats and kits

and talked to plants and trees,

she had a way of growing things

and charming birds and bees;

if all of this made her a witch,

Then I guess I’m not any better,

for, like grandma, I believe

in saving helpless critters;

and I also talk to plants and trees,

it seems to make them thrive;

Grandma’s way of living made

me glad I was alive.

If she’s bewitched, then so am I,

That’s what the buzz will be,

For I know the pleasure of

kissing plants and hugging trees.


Sandra Lee Smith; originally posted September 14, 2009,

updated July 10, 2018.  This poem was  inspired by my

dear friend, Connie–although she didn’t look anything like

the witch in this poem–but all the rest was Connie through and

through; she was beautiful inside and out–and we all learned to hug trees from her.



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