My appreciation for the wildflowers in the desert

has grown by leaps and bounds.

Often in the springtime, following a rainy season,

we marvel and exclaim over the many different

kinds of wildflowers that spring up where you’d

least expect it–in gravel! where there is no soil,

just weeds and even when the wildflowers are

fading, you can still find poppies and Mojave aster blooms;

You can still find white parry gilia and small bunches of

five-petaled flowers growing close to the ground.

the wildflowers are an inspiration and the lessons

to be learned in the desert, that often looks barren

to an untrained eye–much grows here and flourishes.

It is my dream for myself, that I may flourish here, as well,

I, who have been uprooted so many times in my life–am

trying to find my roots here in the Antelope Valley,

amongst the wildflowers.


Sandra Lee Smith -originally titled Wildflowers in the Desert, composed October 15, 2012. Updated July 7, 2018

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