Mark Twain once wrote “It’s no wonder

Truth is stranger than fiction.

Fiction has to make sense”

And therein lies a core belief.

If I wrote a fiction novel

about an unmarried woman,

living with her parents,

with six children

under the age of ten,

who deliberately was impregnated

with 8 embryos because

she wanted more children,

who would believe it?

Who would buy such a book?

And yet–here in California

there is such a woman

who gave birth to 8 infants about

nine years ago and became a celebrity

with people flocking to see her or her

children, and giving her presents,

a house, no less.

Then strangers began furnishing it

with the help of Dr. Phil.

the news media labeled her “Octomom”

I called her ‘Stranger than fiction”

Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted March 2009. revised 7-6-18.

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