Do you suppose that Rose Kennedy,

while raising a family of nine children,

could have possibly imagined or foresaw

the large destinies she was shaping?

A President of the United States,

An Attorney General – who, quite possibly,

might have become president also, if he

had not been assassinated like his brother;

Another son who spent decades as a senator,

Grandchildren who would follow

in their parents’ footsteps;

Another handsome young  grandson,

Son of a President,

who might also have led a political life,

had he not been cut down in the prime

of his life in an accident;

A granddaughter who would become

the wife of a California Governor–as well

as a well known writer in her own right

A daughter who would create the

Special Olympics–

all of them leading creative lives,

shaping large destinies.

I wonder, sometimes, if

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy,

sitting in church, attending daily mass,

could ever have envisioned such a

widely diverse future for family.

I wonder if it turned out the way she

imagined–or whether the good was

enough, in her mind, to overcome

the bad?


Sandra lee Smith

first compiled October 2012, updated July 5, 2018


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