“My Dear,” he said, lighting a cigarette,

“The sex is, in a word, deplorable.

I find you tremendously unappealing.

You bring nothing to the table.

I could get a better response from –

a table leg.

I think we should call it quits.

Go our separate ways.

I don’t love you.

Perhaps I never did.

As a matter of fact,

I did meet someone

when I was in Ontario.

On business, you may recall.

She is everything

you are not.

So, you understand,

I think a divorce is in order.

What do you say to that?

And she replied,

“I’m sorry, my dear, I was so

engrossed with my book–you

know how I love a good mystery!

Did you say something?”

Sandra Lee Smith, originally written April, 2009

Updated July 1, 2018


**this is one of those that my friend Doreen would say – “Jim is providing fodder

without ever knowing it”


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