Values that sustain  us….those things that

I personally believe to be true

and right and honest,

fair and above reproach;

Those are my values

and if I ignore those values

when confronted with

what is false, wrong, dishonest–

and certainly worthy of reproach–

then what am I

if not true to myself?

There have been times in my life

when I have been confronted with

a situation which called for me

to either speak up

for what is true, right, honest and fair,

and above reproach–

or to keep silent–

let it go, let it slide I am told,

There is nothing to be gained

by being true, right, honest and fair–

and above reproach.

I think about my mother,

who was all these things,

at all times,

at whatever cost;

I know her values sustained her

throughout her remembered life

Or one of my sisters who suffered

devastating consequences when

she confronted a family member

about a situation…but chose to be

true…right…honest…fair…and above

reproach; it caused my sister such

grief that I think it numbered her days

on earth.  Such can be the cost of values

that sustain us.

You can be true to yourself and it can

cost you your life.  Can we pick and choose

when to be true, right, honest, fair and

above reproach? Or

in order to live by values that sustain us,

must we always live by  these rules?

I could have provided you with many

examples that affected friends or family

members but I know everyone has their

share of these life’s examples–sls


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