I’m forever losing car keys or

misplacing my cell phone,

I can never figure out where

the TV remote has gone;

I often misplace sunglasses

and the ones I need to read;

I wonder where I left my book,

Or the garden tools to weed.

O try all those little tricks

Like putting things where they should go

Or returning keys into my purse–

Where THAT is, I often don’t know.

I call upon Saint Anthony

“Tony, Tony, come around”

I pray as I am searching,

“Something’s lost and can’t be found”

I search for all the missing things

Until I’m going half-blind

And hope the thing I never lose

Will ever be my mind.


Sandra Lee Smith

March 2009/updated June 29, 2018 (today would have

been my parents’ wedding anniversary. I took note of

this as I was  writing–my mother often prayed to St Anthony

to help her find a missing object. My younger sister

didn’t learn until years later that the “Tony, Tony” mom

was talking to was a saint, not my mother’s older brother. – sls


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