A stack of books, waiting to be read,

And going to the public library instead,

A really good chick flick that makes you cry,

Rocking a baby, singing a lullaby,

A telephone call from a long lost friend,

Reading a book that you don’t want to end,

A game of Scrabble that goes on for hours,

A walk in the rain in gentle spring flowers;

A big dish of ice cream your most favorite flavor

A roll of Lifesavers that you can savor,

Toasting marshmallows on a cold winter night,

The sight of Canadian geese taking flight,

A fantastic roll of your own photographs;

Two scampering pups that make you all laugh;

An old recipe box that your grandmother treasured

And an old set of spoons with which she would measure

Ingredients into a large yellow bowl;

Seeing a granddaughter achieving a goal,

Your very best friends sitting round the table,

A yard-sale dress with a designer label,

Reciting a poem that you learned years ago,

Making angels in a fresh layer of snow;

Chocolate chip cookies warm from the oven,

Grandchildren running to give you some hugging;

It’s a bowl of hot soup with crackers and tea,

these are all simple joys that mean most to me.

–Sandra Lee Smith

November 7, 2009/Updated June 27, 2018


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