She saw him first across a crowded room,

She heard his laughter ring above the noise,

And noted he was circled by a group of men,

Obviously, he was easily “one of the boys”

But women dressed in sexy fancy clothes,

Tried to catch his eye, despite the din;

He wasn’t there to pick up some new date—

She wondered if one of them had come with him;

She looked away and headed for the bar,

Asked for a glass of wine and couldn’t see

Why she had agreed to come tonight,

This sort of thing was not her cup of tea.

“Are you alone?” she heard somebody ask,

Looked up and saw him standing by her side;

Her heart beat fast; the charmer sort of grinned

I’m with a date” she cooly then replied.

Listen, babe,” the fellow said to her,

I’m sorry for what all I said last night.

I didn’t mean—I couldn’t settle down

It’s that –the time for love for me just isn’t right—”

She took a sip of wine and set it down,

And thought to herself, well, isn’t that a line?

And as she walked away, she said to him,

“That’s ok; you just go your way, I’ll go mine”

With aching heart she headed for the door,

As hoards of guests descended on the man,

Claiming him once more, he was their star;

She didn’t want to be with him again.

That’s the price you pay” the hostess said,

Dating movie stars is never wise.

They’re never really yours, as you can see,

And you never know what’s true and what are lies”

She thanked the woman, found her coat and bag,

And left the party, a dignified young lady,

And as she drove away, she asked herself,

Why she never told him about the baby.”


Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted February 14, 2010

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