For each and every one of us, there are days

When we are called upon

To face dire circumstances;

A Dam bursts, a hurricane strikes,

A tornado touches down in a small town;

An earthquake creates havoc somewhere

In the world,

Crushing thousands of homes

And thousands of lives; and

On a bright and sunny September day,

Two airplanes crash deliberately

Into the Twin Towers in New York,

While a third jet smashes into the Pentagon,

A fourth disaster is diverted from an unknown

Destiny* when the passengers on that flight

Stand up to fight terrorists;

Instead the airplane crashes into a field in

Pennsylvania; all aboard the flight die;

Some die heroes.

It was not a day for weaklings.

Firefighters lost their lives attempting to

Rescue others;

It was unquestionably the worst day in

My country’s history;

It was not a day for weaklings.

We can’t ever know if we will find the strength

To stand up and fight, to do whatever is needed

In a time of crises. To risk our lives to save


To know that some days are not for weaklings.


Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted October 26; updated June 26, 2018

* was never determined what the planned destination

Of the fourth flight was on 9/11—the general consensus was

That it was heading for the White House.







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