Her name is Hilda;

she has been the maid in the Von Haughton family

for many years. Since Ilsa was just a baby, Hilda

has been the maid.

Who came to her when she scraped her knee?

Who turned to her when she was disappointed or unhappy?

Who came to her when she met the love of her life, her Hans?

Yah, Ilsa came to Hilda, who has been like a mother to her.

Always Hilda this and Hilda that.

Now Hilda helps Ilsa into her gown,

fastening the many buttons,

Reassuring her darling Ilsa that she is a beautiful bride.

Ilsa beams and Hilda smiles.

Her darling girl is happy.

This is all that matters right now.

Suddenly, Ilsa hugs the maid and says to her:

“Hilda, I can’t live without you!

Come with Hans and me,

Live with us and take care of us!”

“Now, now,” Hilda replies, placing the veil on her darling girl’s head.

“You and Hans won’t want a maid underfoot when you

start your new life together.”

“Perhaps you are right,” Ilsa agrees.

“How do I look?”

Hilda smiles. “You look like an angel. Hans is a lucky man”

and the bride rushes forth to meet her intended while Hilda

begins the task of cleaning up.

Soon, Ilsa’s father comes into the room.

“Hilda,” he says, “Here is an envelope for you, a bonus for all

that you have done for Ilsa.

But now that she is gone – you know, the missus and I —

We don’t need you anymore.

We have to let you go”


Sandra Lee Smith

first written April 30, 2009

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