I sometimes remind myself of James Stewart and

Grace Kelly, in the Hitchcock film “Rear Window”

where he plays a former policeman who is crippled

from a fall,and see the world from his rear window,

where he witnesses a murder.

I, too, am in a wheelchair and this is what I can see:

Six windows on the top floor, Six on the floor below,

Mostly dark but sometimes, someone, like the woman

who sits at her desk by the window looks straight

across at me, as though she knows I am here, Watching.

Of course my room is dark, there is no way she can see

into my apartment. Still, she looks across and stares.

I am bored silly. Perhaps I should buy a television set.

Wouldn’t it be better than sitting in front of a window

like James Stewart, waiting for someone to murder

someone? Alas, I have no Grace Kelly to comfort

or console me.  Meanwhile, here I sit.

Forever waiting.



for life to happen.


Sandra Lee Smith

Originally written April 15, 2009/updated June 24, 2018


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