We were planning our future, Harold and I,

As we sat outside gazing at the hills.

“I want four children” I said.

Harold replied “three”.

I countered, “They should be raised Episcopalian,”

and Harold said “Lutheran”

“I believe in private schools” I said,

and Harold replied “public”

“I think vegetarianism is the healthiest” I said,

and Harold said “what bunk! no one ever died from

fast food hamburgers!”

“I think babies should be breast fed,” I said

and Harold replied “formula is a lot faster and it won’t

keep  you from going back to work right away”

I said “I believe children should be exposed at an early

age to literature” to which Harold replied, “what nonsense!

there’s always TV!”

I think a broad range of music appreciation is vital

to a young child’s upbringing” I said,

and Harold replied “nothing like good old rock and roll,

or country and western, or even heavy metal–“

and I wondered

What had I gotten myself into? and why didn’t we have

this discussion before we got married?


Sandra Lee Smith,

April 12, 2009/updated June 24, 2018

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