It has never been unpleasant to me,

Washing dishes after dinner,

Hot soapy water in the sink,

My Fiesta Ware rinsed and stacked

On the counter to my left,

ready to be washed,

leftovers put away

in little plastic containers

and the table cleared.

There was an orderliness about it all,

The final ritual of the evening meal.

In Arleta, the kitchen sink

Was in a corner overlooking

the back yard where I could see

the bird feeder and the many

feathered friends that visited us each day.

There was a triangular ledge above the sink,

where my blue glass was on display,

It was a time for contemplation

and deep thoughts,

While I washed and rinsed the dishes

and put them on a rack to air-dry.

I still have the Fiesta Ware dishes

and the blue glass is above the sink

But there isn’t a window looking out

into the yard anymore.

I do miss that.


Sandra Lee Smith,

first written July 22, 2009/updated June 23, 2018




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