What makes us unique, as women, unlike most of our male counterparts) is our relationship with other females, Our girlfriends.

We begin the learning process of Having girlfriends

At a very young age,

Making mud pies and mothering baby dolls,

And playing house–

Unconcerned about who plays the


Or the father

Or the baby

Or even the family dog;

Whoever says “I get to be…” first

Has dibs on that role;

I had two childhood girlfriends

Who lived on our street

And we grew up together

With our dolls, roller skates, bicycles,

Dress-up clothes

And boxes of sewing scraps

That we used to make doll clothes,

And as we grew older,

Sharing secrets and lipstick,

And fantasies about boys we liked.

We attended each other’s weddings


Whenever I am in town

We get together and talk non-stop

Trying to catch up on all the news

But now it’s more than what’s happening

With husbands or boyfriends or children,

There are grandchildren to share photographs of

And exclaim over, along with

Aches and pains and complaints of aging.

We who were three little girls have

Eleven children amongst ourselves

And I have lost count of

The number of grandchildren.

I have had many circles of girlfriends

Over the years

But only one that can be traced

Back over 65 years.

How fitting is it, then, that my present

Circle of friends, a circle of three,

Is a link that connects two countries

And thousands of miles?

–Sandra Lee Smith

ORIGINALLY POSTED FEB 3, 2010 /updated 6-22-18




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