It was a very old stove, a classic, they said,

With knobs that were yellowed with age,

But the burners all worked and the broiler was fine,

It was one of the best in the trades;

Along one day came a fine Frigidaire,

Round at the top and compact,

And the Wedgewood stove said with a gleam in her eye,

would you all get a gander at that?

It was passionate love at very first sight,

Though no one could understand why,

For a stove always hot and a frig always cold,

Would never quite see eye to eye.

He was cool and aloof, though down  in his coils

she thought him quite big and so strong!

Why it took four or five employees just to move him,

Could a love between them be so wrong?

Well, along one day came an elderly couple,

Searching for a stove such as she;

They happily paid the price on the sticker,

and had it delivered at three.

But the stove was morose without Frigidaire,

and none of her burners would light–

The couple went back to the store to complain,

The owner said he would make it all right;

So he had his employees deliver the frig

and put it back next to the range;

The Wedgewood went back to working again,

Which just proves how love can be strange.


Sandra Lee Smith

Originally written July 24 2009; updated 6/23/18


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