A LETTER is half a visit

When your best friend, or mother, or father or sister or brother

Cannot come to see you in person,

Especially if you up and moved far away

From your hometown and most family members,

a letter from a girlfriend,

or your sister,

arrives in the mail

and you recognize the handwriting

and eagerly anticipate

sitting down

with a cup of coffee

to read very carefully each line.

some photographs slip out of

the envelope, recently taken of your nieces and nephews,

and you marvel over how much they ‘ve grown.

Life today has changed the contours of letter writing,

and perhaps will become a lost art, for now we have cell phones

and email and instant messaging…yet for those unfamiliar with a

handwritten letter, the letter is half a visit, but more personable than

email or text messaging, and in a letter you tried to write legibly and

correctly, not like Hw r U text messages today.

A letter arrives today  from one of my penpals and I carry it around with

me in my handbag, while I run errands and read the letter  while I am

waiting in line at the bank or sitting in front of a school waiting for the children to come out; I savor each line and it’s almost as if my friend was

there in the car with me.


Sandra Lee Smith

Originally written day 22, May 22,2009/updated June 22, 2018



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