My  mother had a big yellow bowl

In which one mixed cookie dough or muffins,

and when I was eight years old, she said I could make muffins

and she placed the ingredients and the big yellow bowl on the

kitchen table.

My mother admonished me not to try to pick up the bowl

because it was heavy, filled with muffin batter –but I insisted on

holding the bowl in the crook of my arm while mixing with the other–thinking, perhaps, this is what I had seen my mother and grandmother do.

I dropped the yellow bowl and it shattered on the kitchen floor.

I ran away in tears, leaving my mother to clean  up the mess.

Remarkably enough, I was not discouraged. from learning how to cook and bake but it to ok me at least a y ear to save up enough money to buy another set of Pyrex bowls–red, blue, green and  yellow — because you couldn’t buy just one bowl.  They came in a set for $2.98 (plus tax!) at Pete’s Camp Washington 5&10 in Camp Washington.

Whenever I see any of these bowls in an antique store, I am instantly carried back in time to a kitchen on Sutter Street where I am 8  years old and learning how to cook or bake

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