The air is crisp and cool

On a mountain morning,

and it takes a while for the sun

to reach over the tops

of the tall pine trees;

The smell of coffee reaches the loft

Where I sleep

When I am visiting my mountain-dweller friends,

And I lay under the quilt

Contemplating the day.

Ebony gives a joyful bark

When Steve asks her

if she wants to go outside.

I hear them go out to the patio

where birds are chirping

an d feeding on seed

in the bird feeder.

squirrels come down to investigate

and see what is there for them

and sometimes a deer may be spotted

Treading softly amongst the trees.

Nearby, MJ’s sister, Diane,

Has been visited by a bear

Who climbed a tree

To steal all of her plums,

While Cracker Jax barked


From behind the screen door.

There is a different pace

On a mountain morning.

We sip hot coffee and think about

What to do today

Or what not —

Perhaps we will all sit and read

Our books and magazines.

They are great readers,

My mountain friends,

And have walls and walls of bookcases

Filled with books;

I can spend hours

Just reading book titles.

On a mountain morning a few years ago,

We were snowed in and watched the snow fall

From inside, there it was cozy and warm.

Pine Mountain is a good place to visit

But I don’t want to live there,

It is too isolated and separated

from the rest of the world

to suit me for very long

Sandra Lee Smith

Written June 2, 2009

Updated June 21, 2018


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