The fairies lived and played

in the secret garden,

and along with elves and gnomes,

they were free to explore

the trees and plants and shrubs,

and if they wished, to swim and

bathe in the pond.

They frolicked amongst

the twinkling lights and

star-lit fairy houses

that we built for them.

I couldn’t see them but

I knew they could see me

and they knew how much

they were loved and cherished.

Did they understand my departure?

Did they know how much I cared

and how reluctant I was to go?

perhaps in my next life,

I will join the fairy  colony

and I can explain.

Did they come with me?

I don’t know.

I can only continue with a

leap of faith that

even fairies


and gnomes

will like a desert climate.


Sandra Lee Smith

June 28 , 2009/updated June 19 , 2018




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