One can be the loneliest number;

Two is always a pair,

Three is the trinity or three musketeers,

Or Goldilock’s famous three bears.

Four is two couples going out on a date

Five is a handful of fingers;

Six of anything makes a collection,

Seven is Seagram’s and lingers.

Eight is  enough was an old TV show;

The number of planets is nine

Ten Commandments were give by God,

Eleventh hour –the latest possible time.

Twelve, of course, makes a dozen

And a film about twelve angry men;

There are also twelve days of Christmas,

Which takes me back to UNO again.

But one has no need to be lonely –

One God one earth, one moon and one sun

a whole number all by itself,

A single entity  – that’s one.

I am a human, myself, just one.

Not half of another, just me —

Responsible only for my thoughts and deeds,

and my soul – for all eternity

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