Thank God I live in a country where people are free to express their opinions whether voicing them or writing about issues with which they do not agree.

Thank God I have a home of my own, the most unbelievable accomplishment in my seventy-something years of life–to have been able to purchase a home at a time when a housing crisis was flourishing with no end in sight–but that housing crisis was the impetus that allowed me to find this house.  It was the light at the end of a tunnel.

Thank God for my son and daughter in law who worked tirelessly for three months getting me moved.  They managed to accomplish in three months what would have taken Bob & I, on our own, over six months or more–if at all.

Thank God for our general good health and being able to afford the medial care and prescriptions that we both require.*

Thank God for landing us in a place like Quartz Hill, which is, in my eyes like a small town in the Midwest, where people are friendly and helpful.

Thank God for my grandchildren and may they all grow up strong and  healthy and good human beings.

Thank God for all the penpals I have had throughout my life, distant friends who have given me a better understanding of life in other places on earth.

Thank God for all He has given me throughout my life, when in my darkest hours He was there holding me up and guiding me.

No, that light at the end of the tunnel was never an oncoming train.  It was always the light of God.


Sandra Lee Smith

originally written  July, 2009; this has been updated due to the changes in my household.



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