I have few regrets

For what might have been

Although in my heart I am sure–

If we had been

Together back then,

Our love would have been strong and pure.

I think we’d have been

a pair who’d have conquered,

Who’d have taken the world

by a storm,

I think of the power

of two minds together.

And these are the thoughts

I may mourn…

But here we are,

I’m standing before you,

Our lives a bit weary

and torn;

The past lies behind us,

With bits of dreams scattered,

And hearts somewhat mended and worn;

Regrets, if I have them,

Are trifle and fleeting–

What counts most is us,

Here and now,

The future before us,

Beckons, implores us

to take all that fate

will allow.


Sandra Lee Smith

Written 1985/updated June 29 2018

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