When we were children

There was the Saturday afternoon matinee,

At the movie theater and

for ten cents, you got admission

and a nickel more bought candy

or popcorn; I usually chose baked beans

or Jujubes because you got a lot of those

for five cents.

There would be a cowboy feature, often a serial,

the newsreel and two cartoons.

We had Gene Autry,

Hopalong Cassidy

and the Lone Ranger with his

sidekick, Tonto,

But my favorite heroes were

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans,

who often co-starred with each other

And who, my brothers scoffed,

was a little bit of a sissy

because Dale was in most of his films

and real cowboys didn’t kiss girls.

Gene’s horse was Champion;

Roy’s horse was Trigger

and Dale’s horse was Buttermilk.

The Lone Ranger had his trusty horse, Silver

while Tonto rode Scout and

Hopalong Cassidy had a horse named Topper.

The horse was the girlfriend, a cowboy’s

best friend, his partner, and when all else failed,

the one thing all cowboys could rely on

to come to his rescue and get him back

home safely was his four-legged companion.

A girl on the other hand was only good

for making goo-goo eyes,

but your HORSE

could save your life and all the horse

ever wanted in return was a good

rubdown and a bucket of oats.

When we were kids and played

cowboys and Indians, the most

coveted role to play

was the horse.


Sandra Lee Smith

















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