I woke up this morning and fed the cats,

Made my bed and after that,

Walked the dogs and watered the lawn,

I’m on a roll, at the crack of dawn.


I put away dishes from the night before,

Opened the windows and mopped the floor,

Aired the house and started the wash,

I’m on a roll, by golly, by gosh.


I made some breakfast and coffee, too,

Chopped up veggies to make a stew,

I vacuumed the rugs and swept the floor,

I’m on a roll like never before.


I brought in the mail and paid the bills,

Washed the windows and even the sills,

Dusted for cobwebs and washed my car,

I’m on a roll and really going far!


I read my emails and posted a few,

Then looked around for more to do,

I went to the store for groceries,

I’m on a roll as quick as I please.


Long before dinner, I’m ready to drop,

But go fill the gas tank before I stop,

I hose down the patio and the deck,

I’m on a roll, it’s what men expect!


Since I AM WOMAN, I’m like an old shoe,,

comfy and worn, with plenty to do,

Until he asked–and there’s hell to pay–

“Well, what on earth did YOU do today?


Sandra Lee Smith

composed June 19, 2009

(This is sort of an updated version of my 1960s poem, “Oh Dreary Day” which was one of the first poems I sold to a magazine called “Home Life”)

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