What if

I had not been writing an article

Titled “Before Email”

for the Cookbook Collectors Exchange,

And my research on Google

led me to Wendy Fisher,

Who invited me to write for

Inky Trail News and

Who would later for

a retiree email group

for seniors.

Two Marges, one Judy,



Doreen and


Judy was psychotic and replaced

(my bad) by Rosie,

who, it turned out

had a knack for offending,

Until Doreen and Sharon

dropped out of the group,

but by then

Doreen, Sharon and I

had become fast friends.

What if these events

had not occurred?

I would not have met

Doreen in May, 2008 on a

ship in San Pedro,

and with Sharon in August,

2008 met Sharon and we

embarked on the Great

California adventure

and I wouldn’t be

sitting today in a cabin

in the Canadian wilderness

Writing these words.


Sandra Lee Smith

August 25, 2009




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