there is so much I must remember

As I am walking out the door,

I need a list for reference,

Who can remember all and more?

I need my keys – for house and car,

I need my old sunglasses,

I need my vision glasses too,

I have my cell phone in my purse,

money and my checkbook,

I take along a water bottle

and my travel mug of Folgers.

Here’s the book I’m reading – just in case

I find myself in  a long line, waiting;

Here’s the stub to retrieve Bob’s shirt

at the local Quartz Hill c leaners;

I take along a pad and pen

the mail for the post office;

I put some tote bags in the trunk

to help out the environment,

I’ll use my own instead of plastic.

At last I’ve got it all together

And I’m opening up the door…

To see that it’s pouring down rain today;

I think that I’ll stay home.


Sandra Lee Smith

August, 2009

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