if he only knew how much that she cared,

When they were young, starting out,

How much that she loved him,

Worshipped the ground that he trod on,

Would he have had any doubt?

But he had set his sights on those other young things,

with their ruby red lips and long legs,

Proudly he sought them, incautiously taught them

All that he knew about passion and sex (never was

he one to grovel or beg).

They were his for the taking, women to break in,

While his wife sat at home, all alone,

Nothing would stop him, no one could top him,.

Not children nor pleas of his wife,

His heart was as callous as stone.

When finally she told him she’d had quite enough,

He suddenly knew what he’d lose,

He begged her don’t leave me,

You know it would griever me,

It’s always been you I would choose.

But she knew that he lied, even while she cried,

His pleas fell upon deaf ears;

She told him she knew, how he’d been untrue,

And now she must get on with her life.

And shaking, turned her back on his tears.

“Who will want you?” he asked, his face now unmasked,

Taunting with words now aimed to cause pain;

“You’re not a spring chicken, your face took a licking,

There are lots more girls prettier than you!”

“It no longer matters” she told him again.

if only he knew, would he have been so untrue?

In the end he was left all alone,

While she made a new life and lived without strife,

and raised the kids all by herself

Leaving him with his sins to atone.


Sandra Lee Smith

Composed August, 2009; retyped June 17, 2018


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