Every day is a miracle,

the sun comes up, the sun goes down;

The moon and stars appear on the horizon.

Here on earth, we are all living miracles;

a baby is born with ten fingers and ten toes;

All parts in working order.

He knows instinctively how to suck and soon learns

to cry for attention. Quickly, he learns to recognize

his mother, his primary caregiver.

We plan seeds; flowers and vegetables

begin to grow from those tiny seeds.

You can go into the mountains,

Where tall pine trees grow

and find seedlings growing everywhere

Beneath the tall trees.

All living things on earth are born, live, die and

present another generation of life to follow them,.

We raised baby chicks one time and it was a miracle

to see how the mother hen  taught the baby chickens

how to eat and drink and to come to her when she

beckoned them.

We also raised rabbits and when a mother rabbit

rejected her newborn rabbits, as rabbits sometimes do,

an old rabbit the children called “Grandma” would adopt and

raise the baby rabbits.  I have seen pictures of a mother tiger

who adopted baby piglets to raise…as her own.

Witness everyday miracles every day of your life–the telephone,

television, your computer! How do things work? I have no idea.

They’re everyday miracles, much of what we take for granted.


Sandra Lee Smith

May 14, 2009

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