We want to see a return to common courtesy,

Of good manners and caring for one’s fellowman,

Of yielding to someone trying to get on the freeway,

Of using  turn signals to let other drivers know

You are getting off.

Or waiting for your turn  in a line

In the supermarket or department store,

And not attempting to push your way ahead of others

Who have been waiting patiently in line

for their turn.

Of salespeople, when it is your turn,

stopping your transaction in midstream

to answer a telephone–

Hello? It’s my turn in line and I am

a paying customer– and you can tell

from the conversation that its a personal call.

We are all tired of

rude sales people,

rude customers,

rude waitstaff in a restaurant

and rude drivers everwhere,

in a world where good manners seem to

have taken a back seat

to whatever it is

the other person wants

and wants it right now,

this minute, this very second

and to hell with the rest of the world

Or whoever else is waiting for their turn.


Sandra Lee Smith

February 26, 2009/retyped June 16, 2018


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