INSTINCT (what it does for you)

The first time mother of a litter of pups

knows instinctively how to clean and

care for her new babies; a mother rabbit

will reject babies she believes will not

survive, as will most animals.

Modern science tries to explain

the phenomena of instinct

yet cannot define

exactly what

a mother’s instinct is.

Or the sudden apprehension one

feels inexplicably when our child is

in danger. When we ourselves are

confronted with evil, the gut reaction

that leads us to go left instead of right,

to change our plans for the day and stay

home, where we feel safe. some call it

the voice of our guardian angel;

Instinct: a powerful motivation from

your subconscious. Listen. Obey.


Sandra Lee Smith

October, 2009

retyped June, 1018


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