It’s the brilliance of a sunrise

Or gazing into blue skies,

It’s the happy smile upon a grandchild’s face;

It’s a bowl of watermelon,

Or a bowl of Jello jelling,

It’s your mother’s wedding gown

that’s trimmed with lace;

It’s a child’s face on Christmas morning,

Or a storm breaking without warning,

It’s a garden of tomatoes on the vine;

It’s first blossoms on a fruit tree,

Or a mother hen and chickees,

It’s sharing with your friends a glass of wine.

It’s a fireplace when it’s chilly,

Or a puppy being silly,

It’s a garden filled with golden daffodils,

It’s a bowl of deep red cherries,

Or a field of dark wild berries,

It’s a row of violets on a window sill;

It’s a mama cat and kittens,

It’s a snowman wearing mittens,

It’s falling autumn leaves in red and brown,

It’s an old barn in the country,

Or a little ballet wannabe,

It’s wildflowers in the field and all around,

It’s a cookbook that was Grandma’s,

And an old pipe that was Grandpa’s.

It’s my mama’s big old yellow mixing bowl,

It’s a full moon on a clear night,

It’s flying east to first light,

It’s watching as a mare gives birth to foal;

It’s a flight of geese migrating,

It’s Christmas anticipating,

It’s all of these and surely I won’t boast,

It’s a rainbow after showers,

It’s spending many hours,

It’s being close to those who love you most.


Sandra Lee Smith

October, 2009/retyped June 16,, 2018

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