“What I wishes for,” she said as she looked into the sky and saw the first star, “I wishes for a handsome man to come calling in this holler looking for a girl like me, to marry and give him childruns.  That is what I wishes for”

But she knew in her heart no handsome man would come calling in this desolate piece of earth,”not good for anything, no crops, nor nothin'”

So, she returned to the cabin where she lived with her father and brothers, Her mother long dead from giving birth.  She knew all about it and decided it was not for her. It was a poor life, in this little holler she called home.

But much to her surprise, soon after, a handsome man did come calling to see her pap and make him an offer he could not refuse.  The man wanted this land for the oil, he said, which pap found perplexing because where was the oil this feller talked about? Why, you couldn’t hardly grow corn because of the lack of water.

The man came calling more and more until her pap was softened up, or soft in the head, and signed papers so that she and pap and her brothers had to leave the farm and go live in a little house in town.

You gotta be careful what you wish for, she came to understand.  In town she met a man and ended up marrying him because there wasn’t nothing else to do and she had babies one after another.  But, she told herself, you can’t hardly blame the person in charge of wishes. You just got to be careful about what you wish for. Nowadays she just wishes for easier things, like enough food on the table to feed her babies.  She is careful about making wishes even when she sees the first star.


Sandra Lee Smith,

Augusty 13, 2009 Wishes#2

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