“It’s a jungle out there” I heard someone say

and I reflected on the truth of it.

cars, trucks, anything with four or more wheels,

Rush up and down streets, braking heavily

When the light turns red

and if the streets are a jungle,

the freeways are even more so, with

motorists hell-bent to reach their destinations

and everyone else beware–

their vehicles are beasts prepared

to demolish anything

that gets in their way.

Pedestrians are no longer safe

Walking to or from school or work,

or just taking a walk around the block

in the evening.

You never know what is out there;

Punks, wanna-be gangsters–

Another child w ho wants your child’s


and takes it.

Never leave your car unlocked;

Never leave any belongings unattended.

Never leave the house unlocked at night.

Dangers lurk everywhere

in the Urban Jungle.


Sandra Lee Smith,

March 9, 2009

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