We entered the forest on a bright, sunny day,

The light became dim and only  from rays

that filtered through foliage above on the trees

that towered above us, those thick rustling leaves,

Could we make out the stately tall trees in this place,

Silence fell on us and bestowed on us grace,

For traveling so far to see this world’s wonder,

And pray that mankind will not put it asunder,

Huge fallen trees lay in places around,

And slowly dissolve back into the ground,

We both hugged a tree with a girth far beyond

Human belief, and as we continued on

Into the redwoods, our souls filled with awe,

This is a forest we will always recall,

With wonder and marvel that God-given birth

for trees such as these existing on Earth.


Sandra Lee Smith

March 8, 2009

Remembering the Redwoods, August 2008






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