is it woman’s lot in life

to utter dire predictions,

and warnings, such as

“This knobby thing is going to fall off

and get lost”

and it is man’s lot in life

to totally ignore her–

Not once, but dozens, if not hundreds,

of times throughout the years.

Mean, after all, refuse to acknowledge

that women might know something

that they do not,

Especially mechanically related

things such as a loose knobby thing,

which, of course, does fall off

and disappears,

and has to be replaced.

And as women, we have a choice;

We can say “I told you so!”

or we can bite our tongues

and let them deal with it,

Not just tightening a loose knobby thing

but going to the hardware store

to buy a new one

And if they dare to complain

that the knobby thing has doubled in price,


we can say “I tried to tell you,

But of course you

never listen

to anything






(what the heck)

we can be smug and go ahead and say



Sandra Lee smith,

March, 2009

(been there and done that)

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