As women, everything we do

is most often for the benefit

of others:

We cook their meals

and wash their clothes

and drive them to and from

school or little league

or soccer, or music lessons,

or catechism classes.

We take them to church

or to the doctor’s

and in an emergency,

Rush them to the hospital.

We go to PTA meetings,

or homeowners meetings,

or conferences with the teachers

or principal,

when called to do so.

We take them shopping

for clothes

and shoes

or to the barber shop

for a haircut

and we dry their tears

when they fail a test

or break up with a


We shop for groceries

with all their likes and dislikes

in mind

and only buy their favorite kind

of ice cream.

We celebrate their birthdays

with cake and a party

or because they got a promotion

or passed a test with flying colors,

And it doesn’t matter whether you

are doing it for a husband or your


Everything we do

we do all of it for all of them.

We cater to them and pamper

them, encouraging them

Every step of the way

Doing all that we can do,

Doing every we can do

to ensure their happiness and


And because we never put ourselves first,

Neither do they or anyone else

Because we have been taught, as females,

that would be selfish and self-serving

to ever think of ourselves.

Everything we do,

We do it for our husbands and children,

Relying, as women

on other women–

our girlfriends and sisters

and mothers and coworkers

to come to our aid

when we are in need.


Sandra Lee Smith

February, 2009



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