When the sun comes up in the morning,

and light filters through the blinds,

I am up and about quickly,

Making coffee, feeding dogs and cats,

Putting away last night’s dishes,

Making beds, checking email,

Bringing in the newspaper

Checking in the mail box;

That is my rhythm for the day,

being busy, never stopping,

I make breakfast, do up dishes,

Run errands,

Pay bills,

Shop for groceries,

Pick children up from school,

Plan dinner,

While the Food Network is on

I chop and prep vegetables,

Slide and dice,

Peel potatoes and carrots,

finally dinner is ready; we eat,

I put everything away,

Bob washes up the dishes,

I clean up after him

then and only then,

I change into pajamas and robe

and find my bedroom slippers

and I am at ease.

The rest of the evening is mine,

to read or write,

To clip coupons or watch TV,

or just – relax.


Sandra Lee Smith

Written March 12, 2009
(I elected not to change anything in this poem–so many things in my life changed between then and now–but I think it’s a clear example of what my life was all about in 2009)

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