Thieves are no longer content to steal

the handbag from an elderly woman, or

tear a gold chain off a young girl’s neck,

or shoplift in the supermarkets and

Department stores or pick-pocket the

wallet from an unsuspecting gentleman,

Or break into your home to riffle  through

your belongings, invading your privacy,

carrying off whatever they think they can

sell or pawn or sell on Ebay.

Thieves, nowadays hack into your computer

to steal your identity and no one is safe

from these purloiners who, once they have

a scrap of information about you set out to

burgle, rob, cheat, steal, take from you what

is yours and make it theirs.

what is possibly even worse than the random

thief who knows nothing about you and could

care less–is the thief with whom  you are acquainted,

who may be your own son or daughter or a niece or a

nephew, or someone you thought of as a girlfriend

or perhaps the worst of these is the girlfriend who

sets out to steal your husband.

Most of the valuables stolen from me, including a

high school class ring, were taken by one of my sons;

two of them had sticky fingers and bad drug habits;

What I grieved most over losing was the Nikon camera

–the first good camera I ever owned, that my mother

gave to me after my father passed away.  I know who

took it but could never prove it and even though we

bought two more Nikons just like it (also stolen) it

wasn’t the same; it wasn’t my father’s – what hurts

most at times like these is the thievery of something

attached to one of your precious memories.

I had a niece who, whenever she visited us, we

would later discover something missing.  The

last item was a very large beautiful wooden bowl

that belonged to our friend Luther, ho died in

2004. We had no doubt who had taken it but

couldn’t prove it.  And my sister doesn’t want

that niece to visit us anymore- I can’t tell the

niece that without opening a huge can of

worms.  I can’t tell the niece any of this even

though we know she was the thief; she has

often boasted and bragged about stealing

things from Department stores; its a terrible

burden when the thief is a member of your

own family…thieves come in all walks of

life; there is one very famous one now spending

the rest of his life behind bars but not before

he stole millions who were taken in by his

false promises and schemes–this is always

a reminder that if it sounds too good to be

true-it usually is. From snake-oil salesmen to

charlatans on the internet offering you many

dollars..just send money to them.  Thieves are

everywhere. there were two on crosses with Jesus

Christ; Jesus forgave one of them.  I am still

trying to forgive the thieves in my own family


Sandra Lee smith

first written February 2010

updated June 12, 2018



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