newspaper headline: raging fires scorch southern California 2008

Before the fall, ’twas summertime,

the earth was in full bloom,

with trees and plants all blossoming

there wasn’t any room

for doubt or worry, all was well,

for man and beast alike,

Until the winds and fires came,

Like thieves into the night;

The fires rage for days and nights,

Smoke blackened all our skies,

Blocking out the sun and moon,

Deafening the cries

of all the displaced wildlife,

of thousands losing homes,

of forests scorched and all stripped bare,

Of all they ever owned.

When the fires had been doused,

With it came the fall,

Rain and mudslides soaked the earth

To wash away it all


Sandra Lee Smith March 2009, updated June 13, 2018


There was paradise,

And perhaps he thought he knew,

What would happen in the end,

What catalyst that grew

from the apple,

to the Bite,

To the fall from grace,

To expulsion from the most

enchanting garden place.

and ever since

that fateful day

Man’s path has been

the Fall,

While Eve has blithely

Sauntered on,

without a care at all.


Sandra lee Smith

March 2009


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