When you’re feeling sort of crappy,

That’s to say, when you’re not happy,

When you feel the world’s a bitter, lousy place–

When you feel your ire is rising,

And it isn’t so surprising,

When your woes have all been

Smacked right in your face:

When your nightmares come in daylight

And nothing seems to work right,

And there isn’t one more problem you can face,

When you find your head is reeling

From the floor up to the ceiling

And you want to diss the whole darn human race,

What separates the minions

From the ones with their Opinions,

As you take a gulp from the loving cup,

Is knowing it’s not defeating

When your body takes a beating,

When you hit rock bottom, there’s just one way; it’s up.

When it seems that it’s sheer folly

To get out of bed, by golly,

And you wonder, Alfie, what’s it all about?

When a black cloud seems to hover,

And you just can’t take another,

And you feel you’ve gotta stand right up and shout–

Then read this little ditty,

Composed by your Aunt Smitty,

Then remember what O’Hara used to say?

I’ll think of it manana,

As I lay in my pajamas,

for after all, tomorrow IS another day!


Sandra Lee Smith

Written October, 2009/updated June 9, 2018


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