When winter approaches,  they begin to stock up their campers,                     RVs and motor homes, with plenty of canned food and easy to fix dishes like Kraft Macaroni & Cheese: they have the mail held or forwarded and stop the newspaper.

They arrange to have bills paid automatically or taken care of by a family member.

If they are Canadians, they check to make sure they have their passports and driver’s licenses Before beginning the trek south.  If they are Ontario Canadians, they most likely head for the Tampa Bay area in Florida, where many of them have winter homes or a space in a campground.  If they are Oregonians, chances are they will head for Arizona where many of them meet and stay at campgrounds in their campers, RVs, and motor homes, where they will spend the winter playing cards or golf or visit the local tourist sites.

We all them all Snowbirds.


Sandra Lee Smith

Originally written October, 2009; updated June 9, 2018

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