The trunk is filled to overflowing

with keepsakes,

Letters written by my parents,

School report cards of my children’s.,

There are even the report cards I received

throughout my four years of high school;

Drawings my sons made in school,

Valentines they received from their friends,

Birthdays cards from their grandparents–

There is flotsam and jetsam

of our daily lives,

Beginning in 1958 with wedding


and new baby celebrations;

There are diaries and journals

and newspaper clippings,

Announcing the death of Elvis,

The eruption of Mount Saint Helen,

the assassination of JFK,

Man walking on the moon…

Major events that touched our lives;

Periodically, I go through everything

in the small chest thinking I will discard

Many of these things that are

meaningless to anyone but me,

but in the end I put everything back

and snap the trunk closed again,

thinking–let someone else throw them away;

I can’t do it.


Sandra Lee Smith

written September 2009


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