whenever I hear that song,

I am reminded of you

And a hotel room

in Santa Barbara,

Where we drove, impulsively,

one night after dinner

in Santa Monica, after

I mentioned I had never

been to Santa Barbara…

Not stopping for toiletries

or pajamas or a change

of underwear, we stopped

at a drugstore to buy

toothbrushes and drove

up the coast;

you found us a place

on the beach

where the roar of the ocean

and the smell of salt spray

were constant reminders

we were truly there.

Next morning, we walked

on the beach and along

the pier, before driving

to Solvang where we

visited bookstores and

curiosity shops and spent

another night at a hotel

in a town that closes down

at 6 pm.

It was one of the most

memorable weekends in

my  life.

I have been back to

Santa Barbara and also

to Solvang many times

since but it was never

quite the same  as it

was with you.  That

song we first heard in Santa

Monica became our song,

yours and mine,

and whenever I hear it

being played, I am swept back

to1985 and

those early days with  you.

Sandra Lee Smith

November,2009/updated June 8, 2018

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